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Orient Policy Center Platforms


The Syrian issue, compared with other crises, is unique because many of those interested in mitigating its repercussions have no capacity to be present in the areas where they hope to implement their projects. In addition, relations between the authorities and humanitarian and developmental organizations remain contentious, a fact which renders the processes of strategic planning or supporting humanitarian and developmental projects a complicated operation. This is especially difficult because understanding the situation and context in intervention areas is already extremely complicated. Hence, the solution in Syria has been remotely-controlled interventions implemented by local partners, or international partners with local staff.


Since its establishment, the Orient Policy Center, (OPC), has worked to reduce the gaps between donors and implementing bodies in Syria through its innovative research tools. The OPC has developed tools to improve the ability of donors to monitor their projects’ implementation and to increase their productivity. The OPC has also developed new platforms which combine the latest technological developments and software with the deep experience of the center’s research team and their capacity to reach all Syrian regions.


OPC platforms are based on three basic principles:


Minimizing and simplifying the various indicators of any research, regardless of their complexity, in order to allow OPC partners to reach and read these indicators, while still maintaining the possibility of accessing research indicators in their original, more complicated form through the platform.


The linking of indicators and the use of mathematical equations for their analysis, making the process of prediction and analysis more accurate.


The capability to demonstrate these indicators and the results of their analysis through advanced technical tools, such as interactive maps, dashboards and many other tools. These technologies can be updated regularly, are easy to read, interactive, safe, and can be used by multiple users of the same body, in addition to the possibility of granting multi-level permissions within the same platform.